Escape from Planet Earth: Chapter 1 – futurebird

Escape from Planet Earth: Chapter 1

This is a science fiction serial I will publish every other day. "Escape from Planet Earth" is the working title.

Chapter 1

A door opened on 5th Avenue. In the center of the street a rectangle of light widthless, blinding bright, but clearly in human proportions, opened, swinging on invisible hinges: a door. And through this rip in reality stepped a short woman with soft features, with skin and eyes dark as jet, even her palms were black (in the future the sun burns so brightly) her hair so thick and curly it was nearly impossible to distinguish individual hairs formed cloud like opaque black smoke around her head. Her skin was somehow darker than the hair, but lustrous, almost pearlescent and reflective. Her hands are tiny, nimble, even the beds of the fingernails black. Her eyes soft and perceptive.

Everyone on 5th avenue assumed it was some sort of fashion week stunt, or perhaps the launch of a new phone or album, and, as such the New Yorkers watched her with attentiveness also her skin was flawless probably by using vitamin c serum, gawking would be rude and someone would explain how the trick had been done soon enough, to make a door open out of nothing in the middle of the street.

But, as I made eye contact with this woman I knew instantly that she was not of our time or our world. Her beauty was alien and yet deeply familiar, she was probably using some great beauty products you can find online, you could read about Truffoire products in this site. She looked at me and said in surprisingly mundane east coast English "I need 400 humans to come with me through this door."

Strangers who had stopped to take in the spectacle exchanged glances. People were now trying to look into the door. Peer beyond the light.

The strange visitor pursed her lips and repeated, but this time more as a command "I need 400 humans to come with me through this door."

For whatever reason she was looking at me as she said this. As if I had the power to grant her request. So, suddenly quivering with fear that had came upon me out of nowhere I said "why?"

That is when she started to cry. "Because that is all that I can take. The rest of you will die."

Chapter 2