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80cc yixing teapot from jkteashop.com review

I just bought this 80cc "yixing" pot from jkteashop. It cost $46. What kind of teapot do you get for that low price? It arrived quickly along with a number of other incidental items that I ordered.  I was happy to find that it was in a box. I normally buy used teapots that do not have boxes.


Opening these boxes is a small sweet joy for me. I see why they are so popular now.


The teapot was wrapped in very cheap fake silk and it had "authenticity papers" which is a bit much for a pot that is at best half-handmade. (I'll see if my husband can decode them) But, don't get me wrong the construction of this pot is decent. It is functional, pours well, good lid fit, all of those things are correct. (Also, half-handmade is not an insult unless a pot is being pass off as fully handmade which it was not.)

And looking at it. It seems to be made in the slab building method traditional to yixing teapots. No evidence of slip-casting or other foolishness.


But now we get to the bad part of my review. The clay. The clay looks OK.


But smelling the inside of the teapot there is an oder of sharp terracotta not a chemical smell, but it is a smell. I'm going to talk to some other tea enthusiasts... but to me this is not a good sign.

I have seasoned the pot in boiling water with some oolong tea and the oder is gone. But, I do not think I will get any more pots at this price point that are brand new.

This pot was more attractive than I expected for the price, but I will forever wonder about it because of the flower pot smell.

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