Notebook Collection Part 2

In which I continue to share my collection of blank notebooks and journals.

These large notebooks have unconventional papers: Rhodia "DOTS" paper, Whitelines graph paper, Bob's Your Uncle "pretty vacant" dot paper. Writersblock dots, and a custom notebook from

These are some of my large notebooks, the theme here is "unconventional paper" -- blank paper and lined paper are very nice, but when you spend as much time as I do staring at notebooks a change of scenery is nice.

This is what whitelines paper looks like.

Whitelines paper is a love or hate thing. I know many people who love it and just as many who can't stand it. I'm on the love side. I find it much easier to see my drawings and diagrams without black lines cutting through them. I have rejected many notebooks for having lines that are far too dark. To my eye dark lines look cheap, like those cartoon character notebooks you see in dollar stores.

The Rhodia Dot Pad was my favorite paper until I discovered Writersblok dot paper. As I mentioned in my previous post Writersblok is very much underrated and they make the best dot paper around. I'll show you why:

Three kinds of dot paper: Bob's Your Uncle, Rhodia, Writersblok

Here you see the inside of the three notebooks with dotted paper. The Bob's Your Uncle notebook is very fun, but the dots are so big that they don't really work for graphing. (Bob's Your Uncle graph paper notebooks on the other hand are amazing, very relaxed light green grid, I'd share but I filled them all up so quickly that I have no blank pages!) Rhodia is better, but the dots still stand out on the very white paper. But, Writersblok has it perfect! Look at how fine those dots are, they almost don't even show up in the photo!

What about the green "custom" number? It's a mix of different types of graph paper, dot papers and blank pages.

The green "Custom" notebook.

Next up? Hardcover books:

Hardcover blank books.

I keep my eye out for re-purposed journals with scientific or mathematical themes.

The cover is from an old book of mathematical tables, pages from the original are mixed in.

The burgundy recycled journal has a Coptic binding. (I'm not a huge fan of Coptic binding, but this one is very nice!)

"Mathematics" you'll find the same title on the spine.

Open it to find...

The "mathematics" book has pure white blank pages.

I don't know what to write in the "mathematics" book it is very formal and commanding isn't it?

Boorum Pease makes the most amazing record books.

This RECORD book has a lovely red satin bookmark. These can be found at old house sales, or on Amazon for around $20.

Record book open.

I don't often used lined pages but I'll make an exception. The numbered pages and "Table of Contents" page are the kind of little touches that make me fall in love with a notebook. The red and black record book to the right also has numbered pages....

I think I'm in HEAVEN!

... BUT instead it has quad paper! My favorite. I first discovered this notebook at a Manhattan stationary store. It was very dusty and I literally fished it out from behind a cabinet. It was torn in a few places, but the store owner still wanted $90 for it! I was so in love I almost bought it.

So, when I discovered I could get one on Amazon for $30 ... well that seemed like a deal. I want to take this one camping with me this summer.

I still have a lot more to share, but that's all for today! If you have notebooks that you love let me know in the comments.

  • John Robinhūdas

    This is the best mathematic blog i ever read,man keep it up.
    sorry for my bad english. My fault. :(

  • John Robinhūdas

    You favorite is QUAD PAPER ? Mine too :)

  • Hellohannie

    I'm absolutely in love with the "Mathematics" book! What's the story behind it?

  • Vick Shue

    I  have several dotted papers for graphing as well, and just like you, I love Writersblok. I agree with you, the dots are fine and subtle. Almost all of my dotted notebooks are from Writersblok.

  • J.D. Montague

    The Writersblok dot grid is my absolute favorite as well. I discovered it a few weeks ago by chance. (I was feeling adventurous and ordered a set from Amazon.) Now I'm so sad because Amazon no longer sells them and I wanted to get a few more notebooks in the large size. Makes me wonder what's happened to Writersblok. The "Record" book looks intriguing, but from the picture, I believe the line height would be too tall for my liking (I prefer line heights of 4-6mm...I know, strange). The quad ruled that one is looking mighty nice.

  • Mandy Allen

    Taking your notebook camping - what a lovely use for it!  I was lucky enough to tour some of the USA last year and carried a notebook everywhere.  It is full of my experiences and also has interesting things stuck into it, like tickets from places I went.  I once saw at an auction someone's notebooks from the 1930's and would love to think these might be as sought after in future years.